Monday, May 6, 2013

hashtag i word problems

we are water people. we love to spend the warm weather months at the pool or the lake with family and friends .. especially now that we are living on the lake. so naturally swimwear is a major part of my summer wardrobe :)

i usually get one or two new suits at the beginning of each season but this year it is completely different. much much harder!!

it often takes me a couple of weeks of searching to finally decide on the one(s) i want but there are new factors this time around. things i have to think about because of the stupid i word. yet another of the ever growing list of things i never in a million years thought i would have to think about

i start shots for i word cycle #2 on june 3rd .. right at the beginning of really great pool/lake season. so that means i am going to have swollen ovaries and bruises all over my stomach .. super cute in a teeny bikini right?!? wrong!! and honestly there is just nothing i can do about the ovaries dilemma but i would like to cover the bruising if i can. and with all of that being said .. i still want to look cute and sexy in my swim suit

ugh! i am telling you .. i am sure this seems like the stupidest thing in the world but it really is hard

so i bought these mara hoffman bottoms and i really like them but i can't decide what style top i want..

and i also tried on and loved this suit that is also by mara hoffman but i'm not sure if it is all that functional for anything other than laying in the sun and the tan lines from this bad boy would be just awesome i am sure ..

and i like this one by 6 shore road but again i don't know how functional it would be and i don't think i have ever owned a plain black suit. i am a bright color and bold print kind of girl..

this last option is also by mara hoffman {i'm noticing a theme :)} and i think it is really cute but i just can't seem to pull the trigger on any of it

i am so used to buying standard bikinis and only having to think about the color and print #iwordproblems

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