Wednesday, January 16, 2013

some progress in the midst of a waiting game

patience is a virtue and let me tell you i am strugglin'

RT and i are in the midst of making all of these major life changes and we have decided on our plan of action for everything but we can't get started on any of it yet. i am literally sitting around twiddling my thumbs stressing the heck out

not fun!!

as long as all the final bids come back at a reasonable amount .. we have decided to stay in the house we are in but completely remodel it. so we spent several weeks kinda trying to decide what changes we want to make and how we want it all to look and flow and be configured and now we are working on architectural plans. the problem is that we are constrained by the layout of the existing structure and so to make the changes and get the upgrades we want .. some of the spaces might end up being a little less conventional. this is completely 100% ok with RT and i but our architect doesn't seem on board yet. that is really tough for us. we really want him to be able to see and appreciate the vision that we have for the house. so now we are just frustrated and in a place where we just want him to get it drawn right and get out of our lives so we can move on to working with the builder

again i say ..
not fun!!

today we went in for an appointment with our ivf doctor. and for me .. this has been the hardest thing to wait on. RT and i are so ready to be starting our family and having to wait longer and longer and longer just really sucks. so today we went in for what they call a "teaching" appointment and they gave us our schedule for everything that is to come .. they told us all about all of the medications we will be using/taking {and they are A LOT of them} .. and they did a hysteroscopy on me to make sure everything is the way it should be
we got nothing but good news and i start shots next week so we are excited about that. they did tell us that the process is going to be A LOT longer than we thought it would be but we have no choice so we are good with it
we are just so thankful that we have a great doctor. our chemistry with him and his staff is really natural and that makes us both feel so comfortable. that feeling makes all the difference in the world when you are going through such an emotional and stressful time

so here i sit popping my nuckles and trying to CHILLLLLLLLLLL

happy wednesday :)

top: young fabulous and broke
jacket: from nana
jeans: genetic denim
shoes: target

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  1. praying for you nanc!! you and ryan are the best!