Thursday, January 31, 2013

on purpose

oh hey there bitty one :)

last night i was in the car with a couple of my friends and we were talking about how scary it is that sometimes you will get somewhere in your car and realize you have zero recollection of the drive you just made. this honestly happens to me all the time when i'm driving back forth from work and my house. i make that drive twice a day five days a week and so it is routine .. mindless. but to get home and think .. omg i literally don't remember one single second of that drive .. is pretty terrifying

anyway .. for some reason it got me thinking about being intentional. being intentional about the things that i do and the things that i say

     i want to talk on purpose
          not just to make noise
               to make a difference

                    i want to live on purpose
                         not just to exist
                              to make a difference

i want for the things i say to and the way that i act toward my husband .. my family .. my friends .. my co-workers .. my customers .. strangers to serve a purpose. to build them up or show them love or respect or kindness. to be a positive influence and presence in other people's lives. there is so much negativity all around. i absolutely do not want to add to it

i simply want to be on purpose

happy thursday!!

dress: sanctuary
tights: free people
boots: jeffrey campbell

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