Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a loopy puppy

this morning the bitty had to go to the vet to have her teeth cleaned :( sister has some dental issues because her mouth is too crowded with teeth and that makes them get icky faster than normal. the breath on that tiny thing is a serious disaster! they ended up pulling four of her teeth while they were in there cleaning. apparently two of them are in the very front on the bottom so she will now have a hole. we haven't confirmed this hilariousness yet but when we do i will try to remember to let you guys know

this is what she looks like now ..

her face is even precious when she is all drugged up {ha!}

last week .. on friday .. she went to the vet to have her shots for the year and RT brought her to me at work after. she spent the rest of the day .. a good seven and a half hours .. curled up in a ball under our counter shaking

i did not like it

so .. today she went home after her dental work. that way she gets to curl up in fluffy blanket and live in a flying pink elephants sort of bitty heaven :)

happy tuesday!!

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