Friday, January 11, 2013

it's the freakin' weekend

it's friday y'all!! and i have saturday and sunday off with my husband!! this is really excellent news!! {have i already used up my quota of exclamations points in one post?? sorry i will try to stop}

what are you guys doing this weekend?

RT's parents gave us a wii for christmas and my siblings gave us the mario kart game for my birthday so i envision a few wii battles .. some couch potato time .. some good food .. maybe we'll go see django .. i dunno just a relaxing weekend with nothing in particluar planned

winter and the holiday season are literally my absolute favorite but once it's all over i am usually in desperate need of some down time in my house with my dogs and RT

i have to give a little shout out to my in-laws for these shoes .. they gave me a zappos gift card {woohoo!!} for my birthday and i couldn't even hold on to it for a full 24 hours before i orders these lovelies :)
so cute right??

happy weekend!!

dress: lux
shoes: dolce vita

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