Wednesday, January 30, 2013

one week down

blog pictures this week have been a no go for several reasons ..

monday .. we took pictures but it turns out i didn't like my outfit 
tuesday .. the bitty had to go to the vet so RT wasn't home
wednesday .. RT is at work

so instead here is a mash.up of what i wore yesterday ..

i am now officially through the first week of this i.word business and honestly it hasn't been bad at all
RT is patient and gentle and all around awesome and i am getting better and better and not totally losing it {ha!} we are basically professionals at these shinanigans

i have started to notice some things though .. 
as of this week .. 

it is really hard to get dressed :(
my stomach doesn't hurt really but it is uncomfortable if anything is touching it. monday i had on some pants that were not tight at all but they were fitted around the waist and so they bugged me all day long. basically the only thing that sounds comfortable to wear is a baggy maxi.dress

said maxi.dress is also very appealing because i am swollen for sure. again .. i am not having pain but i guess my lower abdomen isn't totally loving being injected with meds it is rounding out in full on protest. lovely! looks so awesome in clothes!! very exciting stuff every one :)

the problem is that i only own one baggy maxi.dress and i think it would start to smell if i wore it every day for the next month so i'm going to have to figure something else out .. suggestions welcome!!

i am un.naturally tired all the time and am having severe hot and cold flashes. one minute i will literally be so hot that i start to sweat and the next minute i am so cold i am shivering. i'm not exaggerating. it is truly that extreme ..  very interesting to get used to

and finally .. the hormones are starting to take a toll on my brain function a little bit. i am starting to lose my mind all together and the funny part is that i haven't even technically started my i.word cycle yet. that's not until feb.10 so it will be really funny to see what i am like once the real deal begins

stay tuned everyone .. things are most definitely going to get interesting around here :)

happy wednesday!!

top: tucker
pants: rich&skinny
shoes: aldo

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