Friday, January 18, 2013

casual friday

we don't actually have casual friday at the hoop .. we can pretty much wear whatever whenever but i am casual and it is friday so the shoe still fits right??

i gotta tell you guys .. this week has just about whooped my booty. i am exhausted!! we have had so much going on and my brain is running one million miles a second and i just want to go to sleep for a couple days ya know {ha!}

at least it's the weekend .. i have a short day at work tomorrow but other than that i plan on doing a stupendous amount of resting. what is on your agenda this weekend? i bet a lot of you have monday off for martin luther king jr. day huh? such is not the case in the land of retail but hopefully that means all the rest of you will be out shopping and keeping us busy :)

happy weekend!!

top: joie
pants: parker
shoes: steve madden

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