Thursday, January 17, 2013



today RT and i attended the funeral of a very dear friend
RT is from oklahoma and he came to tx to play baseball when he was in college. he had a coach whos wife and in.laws would always come to the games and RT got to know them really well. they welcomed him as an addition to their family and i don't think they will ever know how  much that means to him
RT is really close to his family but with them being a couple of hours away it is really special for him to have the maze family to be a part of as well. as soon as RT and i started dating they accepted me just the way they did him. they are simply that kind of people. good good people
chuck especially. he was the type that made friends everywhere he went. that was evident in the amount of people from all different age groups and walks of life who were at the visitation last night and the funeral today. he was just one man but he touched so many people in a seriously profound way. he will be missed by many every single day
we mourn the loss of chuck
but i am so happy for him that he is now in heaven
chuck had cancer and it wasn't caught until it was already stage four and extremely aggressive. he had to have two surgeries to remove the cancer and after the second surgey he had a massive stroke. we were all still optomistic that he could get better and that with time and healing and rehab he could get through this. but then .. on saturday .. the doctors told his sweet wife that he would never be the same even if he continued to pull through. the stroke was just too involved. it affected the entire left side of his brain
chuck passed away sunday morning
he didn't want to live that life
it wasn't him
he would have been miserable
so he went to heaven where things are perfect
where sickness doesn't exist
where he can look down on us and watch over us
we love you chuck and we miss you tremendously!!
and don't worry .. we will take care of jeejee
i know that is all you would want from us
see you when i get there :)

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