Friday, April 6, 2012


I do .. all over. My calves hurt. My hamstrings hurt. My thighs hurt. My xl booty hurts. My abs hurt. My biceps hurt. My triceps hurt. I hurt. I blame smart barre. I freakin love it!!

So here is the deal .. I love to run. One of my all time favorite things is to get up early and, just as the sun starts to rise, hook zoey up to a leash and take off through the neighborhood on a nice run. It is such an amazing time of day. The world around me is just starting to wake. It is quiet and warm {I live in TX .. it is ALWAYS warm} and peaceful as all get out. I run and think and reflect and blah blah blah. I love this part of my day so much that it saddens me to write this next sentence. I can't run anymore.

I don't know what happened but my knees have just quit on me. The frustrating thing is that I am 25. 25 years old people!! I have never been super sporty so it's not like I can blame this knee issue on years of some mega level of athleticism {ha!}. It makes me laugh to even think that. That is how not sporty I am. I am more of a solo athlete. Water sports, snow sports, dance. Ya know. Anyway .. for the past several months, whenever I run, my knees hurt so bad that it is painful to walk for the next couple of days. This is not good. I recognize that. So I have had to quit running because my body has started posing a revolt. Stupid body!!

Needless to say i was forced to find other means of exercise and when my cousin asked me to go to a barre class with her I was more than willing. I was instantly hooked. It is low impact with lots of stretching but it is oh so very hard!! I have been going 3-4 times a week every week since the first of the year and I am still sore after the classes. I was in good shape before and yet I have seen a dramatic difference in my body. I am building muscle all over the place. Watch out for me! Seriously! Ok no not really. Moving on ..

What I am saying is you should find out if there is a barre class offered near you and try it out. If you don't love it then just don't ever go again. But I am willing to bet you will be obsessed right along with me. And if you are anything like me then a cute outfit makes everything better ..



Happy weekend!!


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