Tuesday, October 7, 2014

transitioning to mommy

a few things i have noticed that change the instant you become a mom..

..the way you feel about bodily functions in general
          ..you will literally try to catch projectile spit up in your hand without even thinking about it
          ..you will cheer for big manly burps coming out of your tiny baby daughter because a good burp means more good nursing
          ..you get excited about your child's first real poop .. the first one that is not meconium
          ..your awareness about other people's coughing sneezing snot etc. is insanely heightened
..your nonexistent ability to be lazy all day is suddenly very existent because absolutely nothing is better than laying around snuggling a tiny one
..the amount of laundry and dishes you do .. INSANE
..the lack of showering you do .. also INSANE and also kind of gross
..your awareness of other peoples lack of ability to drive .. stay in your lane lady my kid's in this car!!
..how hard it is to leave them even for an hour
..your protectiveness
..this crazy love you feel
..how much you want to soak up and savor every little grunt and groan and squeak .. and on that note .. your realization of how squeaky tiny babies are
..how you simultaneously can't wait for what their future holds and really don't want them to grow even one ounce

happy tuesday!!

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