Friday, October 17, 2014

a chill in the air

me ..
top: patterson j kincaid
bottoms: frame denim
shoes: seychelles
nancitti ..
whole outfit: kickee pants
you guys all know how much i love fall and winter but much to my dismay we have had an unseasonably warm october :(

many days in the nineties when it should be low eighties .. this is no good i tell you .. no good!!

but we have had a few days with just the tiniest chill in the air and i am taking full advantage
walking with the littlest
wearing booties with jeans and "sweaters" .. this is technically a sweater but it is cotton and a large open weave so it by no means keeps anyone warm .. and i had to wear it with a camisole underneath so i wouldn't get too hot {ha!}

what is it that they say ??
fake it until you make it??
that's the approach i am taking .. i am just going to pretend it's getting colder until it actually does
that will happen eventually right?!
it can't stay hot forever right?!

happy weekend!!

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