Wednesday, October 1, 2014

introducing the littlest

hello everyone!!
i am finally back {ha!}
i have been trying to write and post this blog since monday but i have other things filling up my time now so wednesday it is :)

this is the last photo taken of me before my heart left my body in the form of the most beautiful little girl in the world
she was born september thirteenth at twelve 'o nine pm
weighed six pounds twelve ounces {which her dad guessed exactly}
and was nineteen and a half inches long
with the cutest full head of dark brown hair
i know that everyone says this but i never really understood until now .. the instant rush of love that you feel for your child is absolutely indescribable!!
she is so perfect and we can't get enough of her!!
she is still so little that not even newborn size clothes fit her yet .. so we are rotating her five or so outfits that do fit knowing .. and honestly feeling a little sad .. that she is growing growing growing all the time
she is a great sleeper!!
sleeping consistently at least three hours at a time and has given us as many as five hours in the middle of the night .. she loves us {ha!}
goodness look at that face!!
she is everything and even more!!

happy wednesday!!

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