Wednesday, October 29, 2014

a screaming good time

top: kaya di koko
pants: free people
shoes: free people
a couple of weekends ago one of my girlfriends was visiting from out of town and RT stayed home with the littlest so that i could have dinner with my friends
RT is an extremely hands on dad so i was not at all surprised when i got home about nine thirty and the baby was asleep in her bassinet and all was well
when i asked how everything went RT kind of laughed and said horrible
apparently the littlest wasn't thrilled with the temperature of her milk .. too cold
he said she screamed louder than he had every heard her scream
the funny part of the story is how the dogs reacted .. he said every time the littlest would wail layla would whine and that zoey was just sitting staring at him and he felt like she was saying you should probably call mom you don't know what you are doing
she had only been given two bottles in her life at that point so we were all still learning how to thaw and heat the milk to the right temperature and blah blah blah
anyway he was laughing about it and he was so sweet because he didn't call or text or anything .. he just powered through so that i could enjoy my night out and by the time i got home he had fed her and put her down

today the littlest has chosen not to nap .. at all .. so fun!!
she slept great last night but all day today she has been fighting sleep and wanting to be awake and it was actually going pretty well until about thirty minutes ago .. now she is over tired and seriously voicing her anger about it
and i am laughing because layla is sleeping next to us but every big scream the littlest lets out the bitty lets out a long whine .. the shrill sound must grate her ears {ha!}

now we are going for a walk .. usually the littlest sleeps during a walk .. wish us luck!!

happy wednesday!!

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