Tuesday, October 14, 2014

one month big

the littlest is already one month old
how is that even possible

exactly one second ago i was laying her on my chest for the very first time
looking into her perfect little eyes
kissing her tiny head
listening to her first sweet cries
one second ago she entered the world at six pounds twelve ounces .. now she weighs nine pounds
one second ago she was nineteen and a half inches long .. now she is twenty one inches
how has it already been a month?!?

she snuggles like a champ .. mom and dad love it!!
is learning to love a bath .. turns out kicking around in the water isn't so bad after all
she's showing us more and more of her personality everyday
and is awake during the day a lot more than a month ago
she loves to look around and is fascinated by our faces and lights
her head control is getting better and better
she is still sleeping for a good three to five hour stretches at night
and she took her very first bottle this morning which she and her daddy both loved {he got to feed her}

basically she is the best baby {my opinion might be biased ha!}

i am learning new things too ..
just about everything can be done with just one hand while the other holds a baby.. like blogging .. who says you need two hands to type??
four hours of uninterrupted sleep will make you feel like a brand new woman
going out to a thirty minute breakfast feels like a luxurious meal when you haven't eaten outside the home in a month
being a mom is the best feeling in the world
it is everything i thought it would be and also so so much more :)

i love this little girl more than i ever thought possible
happy one month angel baby

happy tuesday!!

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