Tuesday, October 21, 2014

guess what she can do


first guess what i can't do .. weed out pictures of the littlest
she is just so dang cute and she is mine so i think every single picture of her is just the best picture ever taken {ha!}

moving on to what she can do .. smile!!
she doesn't smile all the time yet but we have gotten a few smiles that really seem genuine and intentional and .. let's just be frank .. not gas induced
the first one was the best though

RT got home from work on monday and when she saw him her whole face broke into the biggest sweetest smile i have ever seen in my life
she is such a good baby :)
making her daddy feel special!!

in other news ..
this week she has moved into  zero to three months sized clothes and even though everyone who sees her still says she is so tiny i feel like she is getting so so big
and she has slept for six hours two nights .. they were not two nights in a row but still {ha!}

happy tuesday!!

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