Tuesday, July 29, 2014

nighty night

dress and shoes: free people
RT and i went on a little impromptu date last saturday night and we took these photos after

i love date nights and especially unplanned let's randomly go out to a nice dinner date nights .. i know those will become way few and far between in the very near future so i am enjoying it while i still can

the closer we get to her arrival the more and more emotional i seem to be .. thank you hormones {ha!}

luckily .. i am still mostly comfortable
she is definitely running out of room in there and when she stretches out it is crazy feeling
i have a pinched nerve right over my rib cage on the right side that my doctor called a hot spot and it burns pretty bad but it only bothers me when i am laying down which isn't great as far as sleeping goes but for the majority of my day i am good
i am still sleeping really well and most nights sleep through the night .. it seems like if i do wake up then i don't sleep well for the rest of the night so i am thankful that isn't happening everyday

but really that is all
other than those couple of minor things i am still just cherishing every second that i have with her growing and moving around in there
because of our i word issues .. i am insanely aware that i might never experience the feeling of being pregnant again
GOD blessed us with this miracle and i know he could do it again but there is no guarantee
so for these next seven and a half weeks i am going to soak up every little aspect of being pregnant

we went to the doctor yesterday and babyP is still head up
she has a few more weeks to move on her own and i am really hoping she does that because my doctor said an external version to try and get her to flip is a definite possibility but my belly is already pretty tight and it is possible she will be reluctant to flip
if she doesn't flip i will have to have a c.section
i will do whatever is best for our little lady but any and all prayers that she would do a little somersault would be greatly appreciated :)

happy tuesday!!

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