Monday, July 21, 2014

getting prepared

top: soft joie
dress: asos
shoes: dolce vita
saturday RT and i spent the day creating registries at a couple of different stores in town in preparation for babyP

it was so fun to go and look at all of the sweet little baby things and RT was such a good sport .. he participated quite a bit and has a good eye for picking out cute stuff .. i think we get more and more excited for her arrival everyday!!

the clothes and stuff like that were pretty easy to pick out 
the only hard thing is that little girl is going to be born right at season change so we had a hard time getting stuff for 3-6 months on the registries since fall/winter clothes aren't in stores yet
but mostly i think we will be well set nd had great options to choose from :)

the big box .. register for necessities here .. store was a whole different story

first of all i am not a great decision maker .. i need two things to choose from not twenty million 
and also .. so many people have been so helpful in trying to help us know what we will really need and what stuff is not worth it but conflicting advice from different people that we trust makes it even harder for me .. i get easily overwhelmed {ha!}

for instance .. i am hoping to nurse so when i go back to work after my maternity leave i will have to have some milk stored up that she can take from a bottle while i am away .. the bottles have proven to be a hard thing 

we already have four bottles that are a brand that several people i know use/have used
but .. i am not sure those are the ones we really want because i have done a lot of research on what bottles are best for nursing babies and they are nowhere on any of the lists that people recommend 
so .. do i go with those because we already have some and because i know people who have used them?? 
or .. do i go with bottles that have been proven and recommended by experts and consumers alike for nursing babies??
and how many different types of bottles should i register for??
i have been told to go with at least two different ones because she might not take the first one we try .. there are two types that get the best reviews for nursing babies but if i register for both then we could potentially have three different kinds of bottles in our house .. you see where this is going .. dilemma! dilemma! dilemma!
.. and the indecisive side of me starts to spontaneously combust!!

don't even get me started on bottle warmers .. {ha!}

happy monday!!

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