Monday, August 4, 2014

yard of the month

top: joie
pants: free people
shoes: mia
sunnies: free people
RT is really into his yard
he takes major pride in it and spends a lot of time mowing and weeding and edging and planting and fertilizing and seeding and watering and on and on and on
he does such a good job and our yard always looks great

this year .. when we moved back into the house after being out for over nine months .. the yard was strugglin to say the least and RT was worried that it would have a hard time coming back
he thought it wouldn't be back up to his standards until at least next year
but he has been extremely diligent and it looks just as good if not better than all the years before

so yesterday we spent the first half of the day out at my parents' on the lake and when we got home there was a "yard of the month" sign in our yard
the neighborhood awards a yard of the month every month and RT has always really wanted to get it but until now never has
he is so excited!!
and i am super excited for him :)
he definitely deserves it!!

happy monday!!

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