Monday, July 14, 2014

thirty weeks

these pictures were actually taken a couple of weeks ago so if you can believe it .. baby girl is even bigger now

this dress that i am wearing is from target and i am pretty sure they are selling it intending for it to be a swimsuit cover up but i put a neutral michael stars slip under it and am going with dress ..
perfectly acceptable in my opinion {ha!}

i had an appointment with my dr this morning and got to have another sonogram!!
babyP is thirty weeks and three days and is doing perfect

she is breech right now but my dr said she still has plenty of time {4-6 weeks} to turn on her own before she gets too big
i will happily do whatever i need to but a c.section is not my first choice so any prayers you can send up that babyP flips over on her own would be greatly appreciated

the sonogram tech estimates that she weighs about three pounds six ounces right now .. in the fortieth percentile for weight so she is a little small but nothing to be concerned about

she has got a little bit of hair on her head and seems to have a habit of sucking on her arm .. i was a shameless thumb sucker for an embarrassingly long time so it wouldn't surprise me for her to find her thumb :)

all in all she seems to be doing great and we have just ten short weeks until we get to kiss her precious cheeks!!

happy monday!!

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