Monday, June 30, 2014

a tearful goodbye

today is my last day of work at the hoop
i am a complete basket case over it

back in april .. while walking the beach in florida .. my mom let me know that if i ever wanted to come back to work for her that there would always be a place for me
she was not trying to lure me away from the hoop .. she knows how much i love it here .. she was just letting me know that i had the option if i was interested

while i was in college i went to school full time .. worked part time for my mom .. and part time at the hoop
then a couple of years ago my boss offered me a full time position as the manager here and i jumped at the chance

but in light of babyP coming .. RT and i had to evaluate what is best for our family
he is extremely supportive and would be happy with me doing whatever i want to do
so when it came down to it .. i had to make the final decision

what ended up being the deciding factor is that we have endured a lot to have this little girl and i want to spend as much time with her as possible
working for my mom i can still work full time but i get off much earlier in the day and have school schedule so i get more time at holidays and stuff like that

i am excited about what the future holds for us and our family and i know i will love my new job but i would be lying if i said i am not heart broken to be leaving the hoop

this store
this job
my boss and coworkers
they have been family to me for the last seven years
they have been my home away from home
they mean so much to me

i will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work here
to have been taught everything i have learned
to have connected with all of the coworkers and customers

the hoop has been such a blessing in my life and i will always cherish my time here

such a sad sad goodbye
but they will be seeing me often :)

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