Wednesday, June 4, 2014

the magicians

one of the things that was highly recommended that we do while in portland was to go to powell's bookstore

we walked past it several times but being there such a short amount of time and me being the only real book lover in our relationship .. we never ventured in

so on monday while we were waiting to board the airplane home .. i walked around in the little branch powell's has in the airport

i found several books i put on my to read list

one of the things they had was a table of staff picks and with each book there was a little card that gave a very short synopsis of the book .. told which staff member chose it .. and why

when i saw the synopsis of the magicians by lev grossman i was intrigued but then at the very end it said no one who has escaped into the worlds of narnia and harry potter should miss this breathtaking return to the landscape of the imagination and to top it off the staff member's reason for choosing the book was because it is like harry potter for adults .. sold!!

i am a shameless harry potter fan
i read all of the books as soon as they came out
i have seen all of the movies multiple times .. they are all on our dvr and are my favorite choices for sunday afternoons and/or background noise while cooking or cleaning or whatever

so needless to say i bought the book and couldn't wait to get on the plane and spend the 3.5 hour journey home reading

as i pulled the book out of my purse once the plane had gotten above the clouds .. i was struck by something surprising .. it felt so nice to be holding and actual book

i read all the time
several books a month usually
but i just download them from amazon onto the kindle app on my ipad and read them from there

holding an actual paperback copy of a book
the smell of the paper
the act of turning the pages
it was kind of nostalgic

which is slightly shameful and makes me want to throw all of my techno gadgets out the window .. kind of {ha!}

anyway .. i am off to read .. i will let you know what i think

happy wednesday!!

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