Monday, June 9, 2014

finding my style

here is the thing .. i am loving being pregnant and while my body is for sure way different than it has ever been .. i am doing pretty good at embracing the changes so far

my only complaint is that the large majority of maternity clothes are really basic

i get it that for most people that is great
basics are what people want

but not me .. i want some fun and funky stuff!!
i want my true style and self to shine through even more now than ever

and i know there are people out there that would advise against buying maternity clothes at all .. if you can get away with that more power to you
i however cannot .. like i said .. my body is different {i.e. bigger} than ever before
bottoms don't fit
tops don't fit well
maternity clothes are a must

so continuing in my search i turned to polyvore and found some pretty great stuff!!

happy monday!!

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