Wednesday, June 25, 2014

outfit selfies are terrible

top: babakul
pants: sam+lavi
shoes: mia
disclaimer .. i am aware of how awful outfit selfies are .. all i can say is i'm sorry but sometimes it is the best that i can do :)
disclaimer #2 .. the non maternity buttons on this shirt are audibly screaming today .. it's lovely :)

moving on ..

like a lot of other little girls .. when i was young i used to picture my future
honestly i still do that .. just on a much different scale

i used to play house and pretend that i was all grown up .. late twenties ageish {ha!}
living in the city i have always lived in
married to the cutest boy in the third grade {duh!!}
working as a majorly awesome fashion designer
raising my three children

now i am living that future but not like i thought i would be

i do live in the city i grew up in
but not because it's what i always thought i would do
we live here for many reasons
RTs job is here
my family is here
his family is very close too
our friends are here
and as each day passes .. more and more .. our whole lives are here
but i would move
we live here because we want to and we can .. not because we have to or we should

i am not married to the cutest guy from my third grade class
praise the Lord!!
not that he isn't probably a great person but ya know .. i'm not in third grade anymore
instead i am married to the cutest guy in the world
and he is so much more than just cute .. his looks are just a nice bonus :)

i am not nor do i aspire to be a fashion designer
i do still love clothes and shoes and makeup and all things fashion
but it turns out retail is where i found my fashion calling
and sometimes changes are made for reasons bigger than just what you like {more on that monday}

and i am slowly nearing the end of my twenties and am still cooking baby number one
nothing close to three kids before thirty like i always thought

my point in all of this is that is doesn't matter how we always thought things would go
God has a plan for our lives
and i am constant living proof that His plan is very rarely in line with ours
the good news is that i am also constant living proof that His plan is always better than ours

happy wednesday!!

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