Tuesday, May 6, 2014

peanut peanut butter

my sister is the kind of person who likes to make everything from scratch and she is dang good at it

she makes the most delicious homemade bread you have ever tasted .. she works hard to grow her own veggies and herbs {not an easy task with as many little ones as she has running around in her backyard} .. pretty much anything canned that she wants to use she finds a recipe for it and makes it herself .. etc etc

so a few weeks ago she started talking about making her own peanut butter
"it's so easy" she said
"it's so yummy" she said

honestly i didn't think much of it

not because i didn't believe her .. pretty much everything she makes is delicious .. but because i have no problem with store bought peanut butter

jif and i are close buddies you see

but then i was at her house one afternoon and she whipped up a fresh batch of this peanut butter and i saw first hand how easy it was and tasted for myself how good it was so i decided to make some peanut butter of my very own

here comes the recipe ..
are you ready for this??
it's pretty complicated

put some peanuts in the food processor
turn it on and let it go until the peanut butter is at your desired consistency .. and enjoy!
my sister used plain peanuts .. but i couldn't resist the honey roasted when i was perusing the peanut selection .. yum!!

happy tuesday!!

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