Tuesday, April 29, 2014

embracing the change

clearly it is no secret that RT and i have literally been living in hell on this seemingly endless journey to be parents so being pregnant despite everything is not something we take for granted

we both spend all day everyday thanking GOD for the baby girl slowly growing inside me
she is such a blessing to us!!

everyday is something different and i am absolutely loving the changes happening in my body!! i have been really lucky in that i have felt great so far .. a couple of migraines and quite a bit of tiredness during my first trimester but no morning sickness and pretty much as soon as my second trimester started i got my energy back

now she is big enough that the people around me are noticing her and i can feel her moving and grooving in there which is so fun!! i am excited for her to get big enough that RT can feel her too

so here is my first for real bump style post .. my only complaint so far is that a lot of pregnant styles are really basic which i am not!! it will be interesting to figure out how to still showcase my personal style while dressing this new shape i've got going on {ha!}
top: revamped tom petty concert t from back in high school
skirt: soft joie
shoes: united nude
happy tuesday!!

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