Friday, May 30, 2014

first kicks for dad to feel

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i have a couple of pregnancy apps on my phone that i check daily for the little blurbs they write about what you might be feeling or the changes your body is going through or how your baby is growing etc ..

one of the apps has a timeline section and it said that RT would be able to feel the baby's kicks starting at week 21

i have been feeling her like crazy for several weeks now so we have been really excited for him to feel her too

when i saw first kicks for dad to feel on the timeline a couple weeks ago i got so excited and immediately started urging him to rest his hands on my belly any and every time she moved .. but he could never feel her

it actually caused a sort of comical tension because .. since i can feel her on the inside too and know exactly where she is moving .. i feel like he should be able to feel it just as strong

what do you mean you can't feel her?? i would ask
she is kicking right under your hand!!
how can you not feel that??

to which he would sort of huff and move away and say something like i don't know i just can't feel anything

and then we would both laugh .. because what a silly thing to get cross with each other about

we have had a version of that exact conversation many times

so .. the other night we were laying in bed and baby girl was kicking with what felt to me like all of her tiny might and i was just sure RT would be able to feel it this time

here babe .. put your hand right here .. she is kicking really hard

pretty quick she threw a killer blow and his face lit up like christmas .. i felt that!! he said
and then she did it again .. oh my gosh i felt that too!! he exclaimed
he was so excited and so was i!!

seeing his reaction was one of my favorite moments of this pregnancy so far
i am sure it is so weird for him to try and imagine all of the things i am describing that are going on with my body
but when he could finally feel her too it made him feel even more a part of everything

he is so supportive and attentive and excited about this entire process
he has been to every dr appointment and reads the weekly update emails that i forward him from baby center
he talks about it as much as i do for sure
but being able to feel his baby girl for the first time made it even more real

such a special gift she is to us!!

happy weekend!!

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