Monday, May 12, 2014


top: heartloom
short: heartloom
shoes: circus by sam edelman
rain rain
come and stay
day after day after day after day

we are under extreme drought conditions here in the great state of TX and right now it is raining!! hopefully it just keeps coming down for as long as possible because we need it desperately!!

in other news .. i ordered this outfit while at market in january before i knew i was pregnant
that was long enough ago that when i saw the order of shorts and a top coming in for me i got a little nervous because i couldn't remember exactly what the shorts and top looked like and i wasn't sure if i would be able to wear any of it

so imagine my relief when these loose elastic waisted beauties came out of the box and the top is nice and flowy too .. i am a happy girl!!

happy rainy monday!!

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