Thursday, May 22, 2014


 four years ago on this exact day i married this guy

best day of my life

as i sit here and try to type about him and our marriage and the last four years i am left feeling like there are no words to even describe {cheesy but true}

he is the very best person i know and i am so beyond lucky to get to do life with him

in the last four years .. we have been through a lot of happy and a lot of sad .. we have experienced a lot of excitement and a lot of disappointment .. we have been through good times and not so good times

but looking back .. all that matters is that we are together
we are partners no matter what
we love each other and support each other
and we continue to get better and better

in many ways i can't believe it has only been four years .. it has been a very eventful four years so it seems much longer
but in other ways i love that i can picture a very long future ahead of us

i love you RT
more and more everyday

happy anniversary!!

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