Monday, May 19, 2014

back to basics

making .. plans for what to do in Portland this weekend {suggestions very welcome}
cooking .. tamale casserole with a fresh salad .. cooking is a little iffy for me right now because my sniffer is out of control so quick easy or crock pot recipes are my go to
drinking .. water! water! water! and cranberry orange juice
reading .. the fault in our stars
wanting .. sugar!! I have never loved sour patch kids more
looking .. forward to lake season even though currently we are really low on water
playing .. fairway blast .. a card game on the ole ipad
wasting .. disposable gloves .. i use multiple pairs a day .. i am ashamed
wishing .. for rain .. this drought is no bueno
enjoying .. all the little movements baby girl is making
waiting .. for her to be big and strong enough that RT can feel her too
wondering .. what angel baby will look like when we finally see her face to face
loving .. my ever growing baby bump
hoping .. for a little peace
marveling .. at how hot it already is .. what will this mean for august tx?!?
needing .. maternity clothes
smelling .. everything!! pregnancy has heightened my already over active sense of smell by about a million
wearing .. anything fitted .. i love showing baby girl off
following .. adoption stories {because apparently i like torturing myself}
noticing .. how much i talk about/think about baby p
thinking .. that our anniversary is Ina. few days and boy what a marriage it has been .. i love that man!!
bookmarking .. crib bedding
opening .. boxes full of shipment for the hoop
giggling .. at stories my boss tells about her two year old daughter .. she is just the cutest funniest little girl
feeling .. this is a question that everyone asks when you are pregnant .. how are you feeling?? .. and honestly i have been really lucky up until now .. i have felt as normal as a person can feel with a tiny human growing inside them {although that visual admittedly freaks me out a little ha!}

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