Friday, March 29, 2013

the story of a top knot

my niece janey is so much like me :)
she is as girly girl as is humanly possible and has loved fashion since birth

the funny thing about that is she was born to my sister and not me. audrey likes clothes and loves to look cute but she will hardly even shop without me because she doesn't know what looks good together and all of that. basically .. if i tell her it is cute then she buys it

along the same lines .. my sister has super long teeny tiny ringlet curls .. she doesn't really have to do her hair in the same sense that the rest of us do

janey has her daddy's hair .. it is long and thick and straight straight straight. and she is super partcular about it so she really doesn't let audge do much with it at all
pony tail
that is all

but a lot of times if i get super excited about it i can convince her to let me blow dry it or curl is or fix it how i want. so last night we were going to the peter pan play .. i took her back to her room and we chose just the right shoes and cardigan {although she vetoed the shoes i wanted her to wear ha!} to go with her tinkerbell dress and that is when it hit me .. she needs a top knot!! that would be so cute right?!? 

so i turned on the charm :) i said oh my gosh janey will you let me do your hair in a top knot please?!? it will look so cute!! annnddd it will be perfect for your tinkerbell costume!!

she agreed and it was absolutely adorable! she even said she wants to start wearing it like that to school. i told her i wear my hair like that all the time and {at least for now} she thinks i am pretty cool so that convinced her all the more. she did end up taking it out about halfway through the play but still i count is as an aunt nancy victory for sure {ha!}

precious little angel baby girl!!

happy easter weekend!!

top: bella lux
jacket: joie
skirt: see you monday
shoes: charles david
scarf: thrifted
sunglasses: ralph 

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