Friday, March 22, 2013

t.ball is my favorite

 tuesday night my nephew deuce had his very first t.ball game and it was the best thing ever! he was so excited and had the best time. he has another game tonight and you better beleive i will be there with my pom poms :)

every single time his team was up to bat he was in the line up. i swear i think his coach went into the dug out to see who was ready to hit and there was deuce .. helmet and gloves on bat in hand ready to go .. and so they let him {ha!}. he hit pretty well too .. it's remembering to run to first that can be a little tricky 

this was after the game .. when his papa tommy asked him if he had fun he gave a very enthusiastic jumping first pump into the air while yelling oh yea baby!! that kid .. he is the best!!

meanwhile his sister played in the sand ..

.. and his brothers ate their weight in snack food :)

happy weekend!!

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