Monday, April 1, 2013


hey there everyone :)
i hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend!!
back in the fall i wrote this post about our house decision .. to buy or to remodel .. we have decided to remodel
we have been working with an architect since the beginning of january and last friday he delivered our final set of construction documents
we have hired a builder and he has lined up the engineer and all of his subcontractors
we have sent in our paperwork to the bank to get approved for financing and we are {a little imaptiently} awaiting their reply
as soon as we get the go ahead from the bank we are going to pack up our dogs and every last thing we own and move out to the lake to live with my parents for the duration of the project and i am ecstatic!!
we have the plans laying on our dining room table and every time i pass by i get a little flutter in my stomach. we are making major life changing decisions left and right and i am so ready for everything to be underway
all good things :)
happy monday!!

top: rebecca taylor
jacket: rebecca taylor
bottoms: genetic denim
shoes: jeffrey campbell
sunglasses: prada

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