Monday, March 18, 2013

sunday naps .. they get you thinking

this grainy horrible quality photo is a perfect example of what my husband and his layla girl look like on a typical sunday afternoon {except that usually she is curled up on the right side of his chest next to his face}. on sundays .. we go to church .. go to the grocery store .. go out to lunch .. and then spend the rest of the afternoon doing absolutely nothing until it is time for me to make dinner. RT loves to turn on some golf and take a little snooze and the bitty eats that right up. as soon as he lays down she jumps up and falls right to sleep. i usually go into our bedroom and watch some movie on our dvr {i cant watch live tv because we have to record the golf and usually nascar or something else too and you cant watch tv when you are taping two things ha!}. i love this time at our house. it is a time when our family can just be. nothing to do. no schedule to keep. just hang out and do whatever our hearts desire

some really good friends of ours got married about a week ago and another couples that we are besties with is engaged and planning a wedding for this fall. i am over!the!moon! excited for my friends!! and honestly it's the sunday afternoons that i know they will love the best too. that time when it is just you and your family. together. doing nothing

do other people feel this way too?!? when i really think about it i am so thankful that RT and i not only love each other but we really like each other too. we love to hang out and spend time together. whether we are doing nothing at home or dancing the night away at a friend's wedding. it is all time spent together which is the best time of all

love that man :)

happy monday!!

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