Friday, February 22, 2013

we officially have embryos

well hey there everyone!! sorry it has been a few days since I have updated but this has been a very busy week

my retrieval was yesterday and everything went great! i went in at eleven in the morning and had they rest of the day to sleep and recuperate. I am back to work today and we have been super busy which is great except that being constantly on my feet is causing lots of pressure and cramping in my abdomen :(

to retrieve the eggs they put me under anesthesia and surgically remove them. that is why i am in a little bit of pain. it isn't too bad though .. just feels like a constant menstrual cramp at its worst. nothing I can't handle

our nurse called today with an update and so far our little embryo babies are doing great!! they will keep watching them and updating us and then we go in for transfer on tuesday. i feel like we have been waiting forever and now things are moving crazy fast. we will know in two weeks if i am pregnant or not .. eek! so so excited!!

happy weekend!!

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