Thursday, February 7, 2013


**disclaimer .. i am going to try real hard not to gross you out but if you don't respond well to words referring to organs you probably should pass on this post**

thought it only appropriate to warn you but i am disturbed and i have to vent about it {ha!}.

so .. yesterday marked exactly two weeks of shots and all of this i word business. to celebrate the occassion i had an appointment with our doctor. i am not big on doctors. it's not personal it's just the whole office visit get all up in your personal space oh and by the way how's the weather out there stuff that just doesn't seem to sit well with me

anyway .. i went to the doctor for blodwork {woohoo! more needles!} and a sonogram. i have to go ALL THE TIME because they have to monitor me .. as whole .. very closely. and after everything was said and done RT and i took the time to ask any questions that came to mind

one of the things the nurse told me at the beginning of all of this was that i should wear a heart.rate monitor while doing any kind of exercise and to be sure my heart.rate doesn't get over 140. i explained to the doctor that the work out that i do is super hard but isn't high intensity and i wanted to be sure it was ok

let me just tell you what she told me ..

she started by saying i most likely wouldn't be wanting to exercise .. already we are headed in a direction i don't particularly love. she went on to explain that right now .. my ovaries are naturally the size of apricots but as i continue to stimulate them they will grow to the size of grapefruits!!! GRAPEFRUITS people!! i would just like for you to think about the last grapefruit you saw and imagine putting two of those in your body. she said that the change in size would most likely feel uncomfortable .. well DUH!!

now i know that i am doing all of this in the hope that i will have a healthy perfect little baby growing in there at the end. and i know that .. if we get that lucky .. the baby will eventually be much bigger than a grapefruit inside my stomach but you see .. that will be a baby. our baby. that i will get to have and hold and love and raise and cuddle and coo and well you get the picture. these ovary monsters are just gonna get big and bothersome and there will be no cooing at them in the end

i'm just sayin'. i'm a tiny freaked at this visual. maybe giving you the same visual will make me feel better {ha!}

happy thursday!!
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