Friday, February 8, 2013

droopy dog and loving it

i wore this outfit on wednesday and it was perfect! like i have said before .. i am having trouble with bottoms right now because the waist bands are uncomfortable on my stomach. this skirt might be a little droopy in the front but it is loose and wonderful. no discomfort whatsoever sends this one to the tippity top of my clothes that i love list

not that i actually have one of those 
but maybe i'll make one
or maybe not

anyway that doesn't actually matter. what matters is that today i have on skinny jeans and if i sit down the waist line makes me crazy and so i have literally been standing since about 9:45 this morning. thankfully i wore flats today but i gotta tell ya .. my feet are getting tired

i have never in my life experienced a wardrobe issue such as this. i mean there have been an embarrassing number of times that i have stood in the doorway of my overstuffed closet and complained that i have nothing to wear. but in those instances what i should have said was i really want a new outfit because i have always had plenty to wear

until now
now i have about 4ish options and besides this skirt .. they are all shapeless dresses
i'm just bringing back the frump
no big deal

happy weekend!!

top: parker
skirt: rich and skinny
socks: modcloth
shoes: target

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