Monday, February 25, 2013

tomorrow xoxo

let me just start with a giant HURRAY!! for the fact that this is actually an outfit post. it is .. of course .. still a dress and a sweater but there is more than one picture of me wearing a pretty cute outfit if i do say so myself. big pat on the back right here for that one. this is afterall supposed to be a fashion blog {ha!}

moving on .. as of yesterday's phone call from our doctor .. we have four embryos that look really good .. those were his exact words!! i am beside myself so so very excited!! we have an additional two that are still alive but not looking as good as the others

it is crazy to me how connected to those embryos i feel. i know that sounds weird. i mean it's not like they have ever been inside me or anything but it's just that .. those embryos are our kids. no matter if they are currently growing inside my uterus or in a pietrie dish in some lab .. they are still our awesome little angel baby embryos! seriously the most awesome feeling

so tranfer will be sometime tomorrow afternoon and then 9 days later i will go into a lab for a pregnancy test. the only thing that we haven't decided is if we are going to transfer one embryo or two. with one embryo we have a 65% chance of getting pregnant .. with two embryos we have an 80% chance but then our chances of having twins are 50/50. this is a VERY hard decision .. we are going with the wait until the very last second plan on that one {ha!}

please pray for us tomorrow you guys. pray for the transfer to go perfect and for the doctors to pick the very best embryo(s). pray that we are blessed with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby on our very first try :)

feeling terrified and excited and anxious and hopefully all at the same time {ha!}

happy monday!!

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sweater: a.r.o
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