Friday, June 29, 2012

Just the Six of Us

Last night my siblings, our spouses, and I all went out to dinner and to see the Blue Man Group. It was the first time the six of us have ever done anything together just us. Can you believe that?!? We get together as a whole family, with my parents and the kiddos all the time but never our generation only. I truly had a blast and it makes me hope that we can start getting together like that regularly. And to make it even better .. the Blue Man Group was frickin phenomenal!! Seriously, if you get the opportunity to see one of their shows you should.

I .. clearly being the best blogger ever .. did not take one single picture. So if you were hoping for a photo montage of the night too bad for you! But luckily I have blogged about each piece of my outfit before {only 2 pieces really .. dress .. shoes} and I made a little mash up so you can get the idea.

.. and I didn't even wear blue on purpose. I am just that subconsciously coordinated. Yea right!!

Happy Weekend!

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