Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If I Was Your Boyfriend

Well ok I guess that would be kinda weird considering .. well .. everything ...

ANYWAY .. I super love these jeans! I have had them for years and the more I wear/wash them the softer and slouchier and awesomer they get. And bonus .. RT likes them too. I read in a magazine the other day this list of 'the top 20 clothing items your guy wants to to get rid of' and boyfriend jeans were on the list. Well not my man! Booyah!

When my grandmother moved a few months ago, this belt was one of the things she gave to me. It is rainbow colored with gold studs all over and I have worn it a ton. It just adds a little something fun and kinda 80s and that is alright by me. I do not subscribe to the 'if I wore it the first time it was in style I can't wear it when it comes back' rule. I dont like fashion rules period.

Happy Tuesday!

Tshirt: Target
Jeans: Rich&Skinny
Wedges: via NastyGal
Belt: Nana's

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