Monday, July 20, 2015

the horse

we started the paperwork to update our home study to be able to get back on the proverbial adoption horse back in february

the first time we filled out all of that paperwork it took me about ten days

this time we finished it in mid may 

there were several reasons for the extremely drawn out process most of which is that with a little one to play with there just isn't a lot of time to sit and fill out paperwork
and working all the different appointments needed for finger prints and health checks and yada yada around her schedule was super hard
but we did finally finish it all .. had our visit with our super awesome social worker .. and had our equally super awesome consultant update our profile

so now we are firmly back on said horse
it is different this time
with the littlest at home we don't have the insane sense of urgency that we had before
we feel ready for whatever God has planned for us but are not in a hurry necessarily

but what is the same that .. i didn't expect .. is the consummation of the process
it instantly fills your head on a very constant basis
i check my email no less that five million times a day just in case there is something from susan regarding a birth mom
while we don't feel in a hurry i do feel impatient .. if that makes any sense at all
i don't just want to say we are ready .. i want to be back in the thick of it

our hearts and our home is open to whatever happens
like always .. the best news of all is that i am not in control

bring it on us God .. we want what you want

happy monday!!

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