Tuesday, August 4, 2015

will we be the ones

my palms are clammy
i keep subconsciously rubbing them on the thighs of my pants

my heart is thundering
so loud i can hear it in my ears

the butterflies in my stomach are going crazy
its like they are nervous too
flitting around at hyper speed

sometime this morning a birth mom is going to view our family profile
last i heard .. there are three other families she will be reading about too

this is the first time we have sent our profile to be viewed since before the littlest was born
for a few weeks now it has been real .. it has been a possibility
but now we truly have a fighting chance to be this baby's family .. to be this birth mom's family

i am nervous
i am excited
i am scared
i am hopeful

will we stand out??
will we be good enough??
will we be the right family for her .. for her baby??

i truly truly hope so!!
we will know soon :)

happy tuesday!!

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