Wednesday, July 1, 2015

a real love affair

as soon as the littlest was born we started swaddling her
she absolutely loved being swaddled up as tight as possible

once she started trying to roll over i began to get nervous about how hard it would be to transition her out of the swaddle but several people assured me it would be no big deal
my sister said that with all four of her kids she just stopped swaddling them at some point and none of them seemed to care

one night i woke up in the middle of the night because i could hear the littlest grunting and groaning 
i must have been in a super deep sleep because i looked over at the monitor but couldn't figure out what i was seeing 
i went into her room and she had rolled over in her swaddle .. terrifying!!

i told RT the swaddle had to go our house losing the swaddle was an absolute tragedy
the littlest cried every time we put her down to bed for two days straight
we were tempted many times to just swaddle her back up but it was obviously more important that she be safe so we didn't

during those sad days my mom told me about this wearable blanket she had seen on shark tank called the Zipadeezip 
she said it was supposed to help babies transition out of their swaddle easier
i got online and ordered one immediately

absolute live saver!!

the littlest is obsessed with her Zipadeezip!!
when she sees it she gets so excited and as soon as i put her arms in she puts her hand in her mouth and gets really calm

her first one started to get pretty dingy in the hands where she puts it in her mouth and did finally get holes 
so i have gotten her a couple of new ones that she of course loves equally as much

if your little one is ready to transition out of the swaddle i highly recommend the Zipadeezip!!
it is littlest approved :)

happy wednesday!!

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