Monday, July 13, 2015

then and now

two years ago going to the pool would have looked something like this ..
getting together with friends
laying out by the pool
cocktails and food on the grill
with loud music in the background

now going to the pool looks like this

i have been wanting to get a baby pool for the littlest for weeks now but have just never actually gone and gotten one
yesterday headed to the third grocery store of the morning {ARGH!!} the littlest was adamantly telling us that she was finished with grocery stores and was ready to go home
so RT .. being the awesome guy that he is .. took one for the team and dropped us off before he went out for the remaining two items
when he came back he had stopped by yet another store to pick up a baby pool
so when the littlest woke up from her afternoon nap we all donned our swim suits and enjoyed some pool time :)

happy monday!!

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