Friday, July 10, 2015

adventures of a wannabe earth mama..deodorant

last week you read my sordid tale about oil cleansing .. i am still fighting the battle against what that did to my poor face in case you were wondering .. i will keep you posted

another product full of weirdo chemicals that i have chucked in the trash in an effort to do better by my body is my antiperspirant/deodorant

the wellness mama {check her out .. she has great info and recipes for all kinds of stuff} gives a very brief insight into why you might want to do the same in this how to detoxify your armpits post {sorry to front you out audge but .. my sister did this detox and was really happy with the results}
you can also just search the internet for info because there is lots

anyway .. back in januaryish my mom was telling me about the natural deodorant she had been using called meow meow tweet
i am a sucker for a cute name so i decided to try it

full disclosure and also maybe a little tmi .. i am a sweater and i am ashamed
ok maybe that's a little dramatic
i am not actually ashamed per say but lets get real here people .. pitting out a shirt is embarrassing!!
so i was very skeptical about using only a natural deodorant and giving up on antiperspirants all together

i used my mom's deodorant one day and was happy with it so i decided to buy some and try it out

this stuff is great!!

i have been using it for about six months now and have had no issues with odor at all!!
and honestly the sweating hasn't been crazy either
i am using nothing as far as an antiperspirant and have not had issues in this area
that is pretty sweet considering it is the middle of summer in the blazing TX

i would absolutely recommend meow meow tweet to anyone interested in a natural deodorant option!!
it comes in two scents and i have liked them both
lavender is my favorite but tea tree is great too

happy weekend!!

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