Friday, December 5, 2014

a design launch

sometimes awkward photos like this happen when you are all posed and then do a sudden hair flick right as your awesome photographer husband takes your picture .. you! are! welcome! {ha!}
sweater: joie
jacket: graham and spencer
jeans: frame denim
boots: seychelles
i am so super excited to launch this new blog design!!
i have been blogging for almost three years so i thought it was really time to have a professional design instead of just the stock templates from blogger

i met my sweet friend amanda through our adoption group on facebook and when i saw her amazing work on several other blogs i knew she was the one to do my blog design
she was fabulous to work with and did a fantastic job taking all of my thoughts and ideas and making them a reality

thank you manda!!
and if any of you need graphic design services you have to check her out!!{}

happy weekend!!

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