Wednesday, December 10, 2014

the things people say

she thinks her daddy is SO funny!!
let me start this post by saying that i know that people try hard to say the right thing
they mean well
and i appreciate that
really i do
so i try to respond in a positive way

but i do have to rant a little

every since we have had the littlest many people have said some version of the following to me ..

aren't you so glad all of that other stuff didn't work out
now you have a baby of your own
what a blessing

i smile and say something along the lines of
we love her so much
but on the inside i cringe and want to scream in frustration

the littlest is absolutely a blessing and i am insanely thankful for her
but i am not glad all that other stuff didn't work out
as a matter of fact the heartbreak of those failed adoptions is still very raw
with both situations .. RT and i absolutely felt like those babies were ours
we had our hearts fully invested in those precious angels being a part of our family

and we still absolutely want to adopt one day
adoption is a passion of ours and is important to who we will be as a family
and any child we adopt will be just as much ours as the one who came from my body

i have said it before .. biology doesn't make a family

rant over :)

happy wednesday!!

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