Tuesday, November 25, 2014

like a weed

let us first take a moment to admire this .. the absolute cutest picture EVER!!

moving on ..
the littlest and i went to the grocery store with my mom and my sister today and we were in line behind a very pregnant woman
i found myself thinking how lucky she is to be pregnant

it is funny how that happens .. i loved being pregnant so much and with our medical issues it is possible that i might never be pregnant again .. so i definitely miss it sometimes

don't get me wrong .. i love having the littlest here more than anything

i just sometimes miss being pregnant
i miss having her with me every second of every day
i miss feeling every little move she makes

now she is growing and changing every second of every day

this week she started sleeping in her crib in her own room during the night
she has been sleeping in a bassinet in our room
but she sleeps through the night now {best baby ever!}
and so RT's alarm for work wakes her up and then she stays up listening to him move around the room bathroom and closet while he is getting ready
if she is in her own room she just keeps on sleeping which is what we want :)

i already feel like our time with the littlest is flying by
i am so thankful for every minute that we have with her!!

happy tuesday!!

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