Monday, December 8, 2014

some insight

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my sister called me the other night with some kinda heavy insight .. but it was also very true and really struck a chord in my soul so i feel like i should put it out in the universe for all of you as well

she said that the Christmas after having her first baby she really found herself thinking a lot about the virgin mary and God during the birth of Jesus

think about what an exciting time it is when you are pregnant and having a baby
you are so happy and so are your family and friends
but that isn't how mary experienced it
she was very young, unmarried and a virgin and yet she became pregnant
she most likely endured a lot of judgement and persecution from the people around her including loved ones
joseph was the only one who truly stayed by her side
and then she had to travel a very long way on the back of a donkey when she was full term
i don't know about you but having just recently been way pregnant .. that sounds pretty terrible
they couldn't find anywhere to stay but in a barn at which point she goes into labor
then once she finally has her perfect little bundle of joy the only place for her to put him is in a manger

try to just imagine that
we have our babies in hospitals or other sterile environments surrounded by medical professionals
the idea of a dirty smelly barn surrounded by animals is one i am thankful i didn't experience

and then there is God's perspective
he looked down at his perfect baby Son
he knew that Jesus would lead a perfect sinless life
and he also knew that he would one day sacrifice that perfect baby boy to pay for our sins

i wouldn't sacrifice the littlest for anything or anyone in the world
even the thought of that turns my stomach
i had a hard time typing the words

and yet God loved me and you enough to sacrifice his only child so that we can spend eternity with him if we choose to
i have known all of this for my entire life
it's the Christmas story .. the birth of Christ
but for some reason .. being a new parent .. i am really understanding the weight of it

powerful stuff you guys
this is my favorite time of year
i love the light hearted feel of the Christmas season
it is happy and joyful
but the true meaning of this season is powerful stuff

happy monday!!

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