Thursday, February 6, 2014

snow! snow! snow!

sweater: joie
shirt: vince
pants: j brand
shoes: jeffrey campbell
sometimes iPhone pics in your bedroom is just what you get ya know what i'm sayin?!?
it is snowing right now!! and it has been snowing for hours and that is a really big deal around here!! we don't get actual snow very often at all and i am LOVING it!! {please excuse my overuse of exclamation points but i am really excited} standing at the computer at the hoop watching the flurries float to the ground is so peaceful and beautiful .. i am soaking it in minute by minute
it is just so cozy don't you think?? snow makes me think of fires and sweaters and blankets and snuggles and hot cider and soup and just all good things
starting my three week countdown to crested butte .. now
happy thursday!!

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