Tuesday, February 18, 2014

five things

one .. this little snuggle baby is hurt and being super dramatic about it. we don't know what happened but yesterday morning before she got out of bed she was licking her front right paw like crazy. then when she finally got up the paw was swollen she was limping and trying not to put pressure on it. RT took her to the vet and her entire paw is bruised really bad. nothing is broken but she doesn't do hurt well so she just lays around and looks at you with the most pitiful eyes ever

two .. B text me yesterday!! this is big news you guys because she doesn't text me very often at all. i have still been texting her two or three times a week just to let her know we are thinking about her and hope she is doing well but she usually doesn't respond. not only did she text once but we talked back and forth three times!! this was a major win in my book {ha!}! i don't want her to feel like she has to talk to me. i absolutely respect her desire to be disconnected if that is what she wants but having that tiny convo just eased my worries a little bit ya know??

three .. i leave for one whole glorious week in my favorite place on the planet a week from this friday. i am pumped!!

four .. the painters finally came to the house this morning to get working on the final touch ups that need to be completed. i promise someday i am going to post pictures of the complete house transformation but currently there are little pieces of blue painters tape all over the place and thats just not my idea of how to fully showcase the fabulousness that is our house {in my opinion of course ha!}

five .. i think we are going to get our home study update this week! when we got our initial home study we were living with my parents and part of the full home study is the home we live in and will bring the baby home to. now that we have moved our social worker has to come back and do a little update on the new home. fingers crossed that thursday is our day :)

happy tuesday!!

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